TAM Commercial

TAM Commercial is a sustainable, low-cost, rapid deployment building solution that can meet a broad range of commercial needs:

  • Showrooms
  • Office space
  • Retail units
  • Fast food outlets
  • Farmers market buildings
  • Work spaces

Made from renewable carbon capturing materials, TAM Commercial is a lightweight modular building solution, that qualifies as a temporary building, making planning permission easier to secure. The modular build system is made from straw and timber. This unique building system is certified by the PassivHaus Institute, meaning that heating and cooling bills can be reduced by up to 90%.

The images above show a Sytners Mercedes and Smart dealership showroom incorporating the TAM solution. The flexibilty of the TAM allows for two storey structures to be built. The lightweight system enables the showroom to ‘float’ off the ground in an elevated position.

This multi-award winning, innovative approach to construction combines natural, renewable carbon capturing materials into a modern design.  The system approach to design – achieves more for less, with style.

The modular nature of the system allows a variety of building sizes to be delivered. The system works for space constrained sites and can scale in a variety of ways to suit any site.

The system allows for two storey structures to be built and is lightweight enough to even allow the system to sit off the ground as an elevated pavilion.

The space created can be internally divided to form a variety of zones and can be configured to ensure all your needs are met.

The space is naturally day lit and a range of lighting can be integrated into the design.

Glazing can be accommodated in any wall. The glazing can accommodates doors, large bifold openings and up and over glazing.

A unique feature of the system is its speed of deployment and consequently the ease with which it can be moved. This ability means it can be considered a temporary building which makes planning more easily secured.