A New Way of Building Homes

We need a new housing model that provides places for people to live, whatever their household income. Our response to this need is TAM, an affordable, rapid-response housing solution that respects you and the planet.

Our Vision

To create a people-centred housing model as a radical alternative to the current housing market.

To help everyone have an affordable home and a better quality of life.

What is TAM?

Your home, your way

A flexible, environmentally-friendly home, tailored to your needs, that you can move into within months of placing your order.

A housing unit that makes the most of small sites in ways that other solutions can’t match.

A solution that can be bought, part-owned, leased or rented individually or in multiples for larger families and larger sites.

A healthy home that can change with your needs, with the potential to be combined with extra units and transported to different sites.

A renewable building system

TAM is manufactured using renewable, carbon capturing materials including timber and straw that minimise the environmental footprint.

Energy costs and carbon emissions are reduced by up to 90% compared with traditional building methods.

TAM is cool in summer and warm in winter. It is intelligent both in operation and design.

In one simple move, we both save you money and provide a straight forward and practical way to live, that does not cost the earth.

The TAM Platform

Innovation through Collaboration

The TAM platform has been created by a multi-award winning team.

The skills and experience of the partners have been combined to create this new and innovative housing platform.


PassivHaus is the most rigorous energy and comfort standard in the world. The TAM system can be made to PassivHaus standard using the world’s first PassivHaus Component Certified straw construction system.

A flexible home

TAM can benefit from the flexibility offered by the Caravan Act. This legislation allows for the provision of a category of housing known as ‘caravan housing’, which has the potential to be moved from one site to another. TAM is built to the same standards required for any conventional home and has a minimum 60 year design life, as well as meeting the caravan act’s requirements.

Specifications to suit you

The TAM is available in a range of specifications from our high quality starter standard to our top of the range OKU specification.

OkuTM – embodying the Japanese concept of inner space – unlocks the full design potential of the TAM Platform. The quality of architectural form, interior design and fit out is of the highest order for those who want to experience the ultimate in sustainable living and low carbon lifestyle.