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Full Turnkey

Agile work to ensure that the process is faster, easier, and smoother for you. Our approach is unique in the marketplace. We offer full Design and Build Turnkey housing solutions. We take clients from initial enquiry, through feasibility, surveys, planning and building regulation approvals, through to the design, manufacture and on-site construction of our homes. 

Put simply, we go from a blank sheet of paper through to a key in the front door and a pint of milk in the fridge.

MMC Consultancy

Our skills and experience means we often provide consultancy advice to Councils, Housing Associations, Landowners and Community-led housing organisations on how we unlock land that is free and hidden in plain sight. 

Colleague specialisms means they are part of the One Public Estate Pool of Experts, Carbon Trust Design Advisors and Planning Consultants helping land owners navigate their journey to delivering truly affordable low-Carbon homes. Our land assembly, financial and legal know how is second to none.

Feasibility Studies

We often meet clients who have taken advice elsewhere already and have not been able to find how their hoped-for project might proceed. Agile’s approach is to ensure any project we undertake to work on is viable or not. We will not waste your time or money on projects that could not secure a planning approval. All too often people commission work on sites that speculate on whether planning might be secured. Agile does not do this. We will not recommend a planning application is made, unless we know that it will be successful.

Similarly, our knowledge of development finance and the many grant regimes that come and go, meaning we are always up to date on how project might be financed, whether that be through conventional debt finance or through more innovative, grant and social impact investment mechanisms.

Development Advice

The above hints at our expertise in this area. We do not sit back and wait for fully funded projects to walk through the door. Instead, we advise clients on all aspects of the development journey. That includes, land assembly, funding and finance, finding the right partners whether they be lenders, registered providers or third sector organisations.

Development can be complex, but it need not be complicated and, done right, can take years off conventional development programmes.

Master Planning

Our skills and experience are not limited to single home and small developments, we work with significant landowners and authorities to masterplan complex developments. We have advised local authorities on planning policy for affordable and community-led homes as well as undertaken reviews of asset plans for major landowners. At all times we ensure that profit and purpose are balanced and routinely deliver successful outcomes for both landowners, tenants, and buyers.

Project Enablement Funding

While Agile cannot offer financial advice, we do help source project finance for development through conventional debt-led as well as grant supported and asset financed mechanisms. We cannot guarantee that finance can be secured, but we will not propose projects that could never secure funding. Agile’s know how of community-led funding is second to none and we would be delighted to explain how we can work with you.

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